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Creating solutions for Millennials

15th December 2016

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“Millennials are creating a change in how work gets done, as they work more in teams and use more technology. Coupled with the socially minded millennial comes their desire to be creative. Millennials have grown up in a time where information has become available instantly. One of the characteristics of millennials, besides the fact that they are masters of digital communication, is that they are primed to do well by doing good.

Woo was created to be mobile and taps into the primary functions of a modern smartphone – texting, SMS and social platforms. This works to help people feel connected and fits right in with the idea of a ‘Millennial’.

How does Woo work?

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Woo works by allowing employees to instantly share job roles and opportunities within a company or business AND get rewarded. When you send a job out to a friend they are immediately notified and you are immediately rewarded with points. As they go through the job application process, the points they give to you show instantly on the leaderboard.

What else can Woo do?

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As well as Woo being instantaneous, we’ve built plenty more for you to get your teeth into. Automated notifications and leaderboard functionality are all dynamic and Points are automatically updated without needing interaction from the user, meaning when Karen refers Roger for that awesome funeral job in Stockport, you’ll know about it.


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